Amazing Conversation with the Reptilian Hybrid Housewife !!! (MUST WATCH)


This week Andy and Mel talk HAARP, races of reptilians, illuminati,
knights templars, masons, george and dragon, viking runes, portals, sumerians and more.

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4 Replies to “Amazing Conversation with the Reptilian Hybrid Housewife !!! (MUST WATCH)”

  1. I am curious if those individuals such as Mel whom partake in Las Vegas style poker tournaments also possess mind reading capabilities, telepathy, psychic (foretelling short term future outcomes), etc. In a sense what I am suggesting is simply that those individuals that have come into their own as far as such abilities as clairsentience, telepathy, psychogenesis, psychic reading of probable short term future outcomes, which or shat type of abilities does she have or similar hybrids have. Or do those that partake in the poker tournaments are they shape-shifting full blood saurids?

    Very thankful for your illuminating youtubes, absolutely astounding stuff.

    Best Regards,


  2. I want to speak with her. I want to meet her and not feel like an outsider in my home planet anymore! De profundis… I have developed my pineal gland to some extent, I want more! I need to understand why I know the things I know.

  3. I would appreciate it if the interviewer could pass on this message to Mel, Mel I am curious what is the agenda behind these interviews, I would like to discuss this further with yourself, please seek permission from whom ever it is that it would be necessary on your side before hand, which if you read the energy on whom I am will be needed. Best regards.

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