Billie Woodard Interview – UFOs and Hollow Earth !!!

Interview Billie Faye Woodard (who is a hermaphrodite) in February of 2012. In this first part, she claims to be from Hollow Earth; discusses her six-month trip to Hollow Earth as a child; some of the beings and people she met; the creatures she saw; the technology in use down there; and the turn of events that transpired upon her return to the surface. We also get into how she graduated at the age of 12 from high school and her search for a job that ultimately led her to earn a Commission in the US Air Force – her first duty assignment: The Pentagon…and her next – Area 51. Regarding gender references here and in the opening of this video, my apologies for any confusion. Here, I use she/her. in my introduction, I use he/him. When you watch this video, you’ll learn that she is a hermaphrodite.


This is parts 2 & 2 of Billie Faye Woodard’s interview. In this video, Billie continues her story about how she received her US Air Force Commission and came to be assigned at an underground base; her trips to Telos and Hollow Earth; her DD-214; the headband and its functionality.

She brings in her father – Zora – for a visit by Trance-channeling him. He talks with us about channeling; his ‘job’ monitoring the north polar opening; global warming and melting ice at Antarctica; Agartha; Tibet; Lemuria; Lemur (a.k.a Nibiru, his origin) and its orbit; various aspects of living inside hollow earth; hollow earth food; hollow earth domiciles; the city of Eden; Dulce underground base; and, much more.

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