Earth’s Top Predator – The Reptilians

The Reptilians or Reptoids alien race (which is a word mixed from reptilians and humanoids and are the same creature) are human looking lizard creatures that can shape shift. They are also known as dinosauroids, lizardfolk, lizardmen Saurians alpha draconians, and Sauroids. Reptilians are tall, around 7 to 9 feet, have green scaly skin, three long fingers and an opposable thumb with talons on the ends, holes for ears, muscular legs and arms, and large eyes. There have been reports of Reptilians with and without tails, with and without wings, and hidden genitalia. They have been sighted wearing very little clothes except for armor but are always seen with some sort of utility belt said to be used to help them become invisible. Reptilians are a very dangerous alien species that are bent on the domination of Earth. They are very intelligent, known as evil, have telekinetic powers and have a warlike mentality that has driven them to secretly incorporate themselves into our society for their cause. Some conspiracy theories suspect that many important leaders are actually Reptilians acting as humans in order to help them with their agenda. There are a few different theories as to where the Reptilians actually come from. Some say that they were here on Earth before us humans and live in secret underground, in various caverns around the world while others believe that they are from the Alpha Draconi star system of the Orion Constellation or both. The Reptilians have been around since the beginning of man kind and have been thought to have given the human race much of it’s early technology, helped build the pyramids, worked with the Mayans, and helped start early religions pretending to be Gods and manipulating Adam and Eve in the Bible (While dealing with the story of the Garden of Eden, the Midrash also deals with the serpent. It declares that before causing Adam and Eve to sin, “it had legs” (Bereishit Rabbah, 19). According to this, the serpent was once a tall, splendid and regal creature. When its fate was decided and it is written that “upon thy belly shall thou go” (Bereishit 3:14), “the ministering angels descended and cut off its arms and legs” (Bereishit Rabbah, 20). This tradition gives the image of the enticing serpent an impressive dimension, that has repercussions on many viewpoints of the ancient world, which saw the serpent as representing forces of evil on one hand and as possessing supernatural powers on the other hand.). Unfortunately their final goal is to eventually enslave the human race in the “New World Order” and use humans for mining and other physical tasks when the time is right. Out of all the different types of aliens visiting Earth the Reptilians are by far the most dangerous to our very existence as humans. They have very little respect for us and want the Earth for themselves. Some say that the greys have been working against the Reptilians in order to help the human race but it is unclear why. They may have a similar agenda and just don’t want the reptilians to acquire the Earth before them.

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Stephen Hawking Says Earth Is Under Threat and Humans Need to Leave

Stephen Hawking has warned that Earth is under threat and repeated his belief that humans must leave in the next few centuries if we are to survive as a species.

“The Earth is under threat from so many areas that it is difficult for me to be positive. The threats are too big and too numerous,” he said, according to the Evening Express. “Our physical resources are being drained at an alarming rate. We have given our planet the disastrous gift of climate change. Rising temperatures, reduction of the polar ice caps, deforestation and decimation of animal species. We can be an ignorant, unthinking lot.”

Hawking made the comments as part of his keynote address at the Starmus Festival in Norway. The event celebrates science and music, and aims to help the public get a better understanding of complex science.

The professor has made similar dire warnings about the fate of mankind in the past, but in his latest comments, he addressed several specific issues he feels are the biggest threats and talked about how we might become a multiplanetary species.

Stephen Hawking sits onstage during an announcement of the Breakthrough Starshot initiative with investor Yuri Milner in New York City, on April 12, 2016. Hawking, the English physicist, warns humanity needs to become a multiplanetary species to ensure its survival.

Hawking said that in the past, when humans have faced “similar crises” in terms of resources, they moved to new parts of the world: “Columbus did it in 1492 when he discovered the New World,” he said. “But now there is no new world. No Utopia around the corner.

“We are running out of space and the only places to go to are other worlds. It is time to explore other solar systems. Spreading out may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves. I am convinced that humans need to leave Earth,” he said.

The Milky Way is home to an estimated 100 billion planets. Of these, millions, if not billions, are “potentially habitable,” meaning they could have the right conditions to host life, including a stable climate that allows liquid water to exist.

Hawking noted there are an estimated 1,000 stars within 30 light years of Earth, so if just 1 percent of these were Earth-like, we would have 10 candidate planets to move to. Hawking also said he believes humans will have developed the technology for interstellar travel within the next 200 to 500 years.

“Human colonization on other planets is no longer science fiction. It can be science fact,” he said. “The human race has existed as a separate species for about two million years. Civilization began about 10,000 ago, and the rate of development has been steadily increasing. If humanity is to continue for another million years, our future lies in boldly going where no one else has gone before.”

stephen hawking Earth extinction colonize

Uber-rich’s Interest in Antarctica Unexplainable !!!

Uber-rich’s Interest in Antarctica Unexplainable


If you had a multi-million dollar yacht, a submarine and the best security team money could buy, wouldn’t you spend your time in some balmy islands with an underwater ecosystem deserving of your attention, or perhaps at least treasure hunting along historically noteworthy shipping routes? Instead, Bill Gates and Paul Allen choose to spend their time exploring the ocean floor around Antarctica.

While on the surface, this may raise no real eyebrows and it can easily be chalked up to the eccentricities of men who have to dig rather deep to get their fix in ways that others only dream about, in light of all the other high weirdness associated with Antarctica, it could prove to be something else entirely. Indeed, it could be that the uber-elite and governments of the world share a little secret amongst themselves about their favorite getaway destination saved for the select few … the shores of Agharta in the inner earth.

The Underworld Epic of Gilgamesh – Sumerian tale !!!

The Underworld Epic of Gilgamesh


The Epic of Gilgamesh is a tale of the mighty king of Uruk that was one third mortal and two thirds god. His grief for his friend Enkidu sent him on a journey through the underworld to find his ancestor of the great deluge, Utnapishtim, who resided at the mouth of the Rivers. His journey through the underworld took him through a place of darkness for 12 leagues. Passing through a mighty mountain he came upon the place of the Underworld where he hoped his ancestor could give him the keys of immortality.

The tale of Gilgamesh is a Sumerian tale that precedes the mythologies of even the Greeks or Romans and helps us to understand just how old the stories of the underworld really are. It is apparent that the pathway to the underworld was difficult and fraught with dangers and darkness. This reminds us of the subterranean passages through the crust of the earth through which one must pass if they are to reach the land of eternal light. The Epic of Gilgamesh, though highly regarded in academic circles, is still only thought of as a pleasant mythology. I prefer to think of it as an account with some historical veracity, especially and including the part about the sacred realms within our planet.

The Argentine Peso, Does it Depict Hollow Earth !!!

The Argentine Peso

An Argentine peso may seem innocuous enough, but let’s peer a little deeper. First of all, we have to remember that the Nazis of WWII were obsessed with the occult, specifically with the idyllic ‘aryan’ lands of the inner world. It’s well known that the Nazis established a base in Antarctica called Neu Schwabenland. To achieve their aims in Antarctica of locating the underwater passages into Agharta, they established bases in Argentina to store provisions and provide protected shipping routes. Following their catastrophic losses in Europe, there was a mass emigration of Nazi officials from Europe to safer shores and already established strongholds in countries such as Argentina. It would be naive to think that their influence in Argentina, even to this day, would go unnoticed.

With this background, let’s look closer at the design on the back of the Argentinian peso. First of all it is bicolored. The silver border is surrounding a warmer gold color center where the central sun is shown. In the silver border you find the olive wreath, open at the top and bottom of the border. We’ll say this represents the flora of the crust while the sun with the face obviously stands for the inner sun in the central hollow. You may take it even one step further and interpret the sun’s face on the peso as an intelligent presence … an ever watchful eye.

Video of north polar opening !!!

 AMSR-E Weather Satellite Reveals the North Polar Entrance

 In this video from the AMSR-E Japanese weather satellite you can clearly see a mysterious looking oval in the upper-right corner, just north of Greenland. On more than one occasion you can clearly see something streaming from this oval and in the process clearly demarcating or outlining the edge of the opening. Again on another occasion the ocean around the oval is blue and the weather patterns or clouds within the opening indicating the boundaries of the northern passage. Watch the video or click on the video stills below and discover the truth about our planet Earth.