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10 Reasons Honey Is A Superfood #10

Humans have used honey for thousands of years. It was and is still used in foods, beverages, remedies and balms, even in symbolism and religion. Honey has a long preservation life, so it is ideal for long-term storage and used as a preservative for other goods.

Honey has been used as a natural remedy to fight ulcers, burns, wounds and gastric disturbances, but only lately scientific research is conducted to find out how honey really does what it does, and if there is any evidence behind some common beliefs.

As research proceeds, it becomes more and more clear why honey is a Superfood. It is important however to note, that all those benefits come from using high quality raw honey, which should not be heated to more than 40 °C.

#1 – Honey Is Antibacterial And Antiseptic

Harvesting honey
Harvesting honey 

Honey is a great way to help wounds and burns to heal, since it contains many antibacterial and antiseptic components, like hydrogen peroxide, methulglyoxal and bee defensin-1. Also, the appearance of friendly bacteria, like 6 species of lactobacilli and 4 species of bifidobacteria may also be a reason for honey’s healing properties. Raw honey is used in wound gels and dressings to act as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. Honey is suggested also to help reduce the time for a mild burn to heal.

#2 – Honey For Sore Throats and Coughs

Honey remedy for sore throats
Honey remedy for sore throats

It is widely accepted that a teaspoon of honey, better straight but also added to tea and lemon juice, does wonders for any sore throats and soothes coughs. Recent researches have come to underline those beliefs with scientific evidence. Due to the honey’s anti-inflammatory function, it helps fighting infections of the upper airways.

#3 – Honey As An Energy Booster

Honey is an energy booster
Honey in vase 

Honey has been found to be a very effective replacement for carbohydrates for athletes. It is a great energy booster prior to any exercise. During exercise, one can add some honey into the water bottle, to keep muscles well-nourished in order for them to perform on a high level. After the exercise, honey is an ideal source of carbohydrate for glycogen restoration and blood sugar control.

#4 – Honey Boosts The Immune System

Honey and cinammon
Honey & cinnamon is a powerful combination

Honey can boost the immune system by powering up the body’s antibodies, like the white blood cells, which fight infections and help the overall process of fighting viruses and bacteria attacking the body.

#5 – Honey As An Ingredient In Lip Balms And Facial Cremes

Honey lip balm
Homemade honey lip balm

Due to the Vitamin E and other minerals and vitamins that can be found in honey, it is an ideal component for lip balms and facial crèmes. It helps in moisturizing and smoothening the skin, and due to its antibacterial function, honey can help with acne problems.

#6 – Honey Can Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Honey can prevent tooth decay
Serving honey

As unbelievable as it sounds, small amounts of honey diluted in water or tea can help avoiding tooth decay due to its strong antibacterial function. This way honey kills off the bacteria on the tooth that can cause their decay.

#7 – Honey Is Rich In Antioxidants

Honey is rich in antioxidants
Honey and nuts

In addition to be antibiotic and antibacterial, honey also contains many antioxidants. Nowadays, honey is being researched to find out if it can help fight cancer and other serious illnesses, while it is also being researched to prove how honey benefits the heart’s activity and blood vessels. Research results also suggest that the honey’s antioxidants help reducing the damage done by colitis.

#8 – Honey Helps With Gastrointestinal And Digestion Problems

Bees on honeycomb close up
Bees on honeycomb

Components of honey, like pollen, potassium, acids and fructose help digestion and can improve gastrointestinal problems. Honey can help with treating gastroesophageal reflux and shortening bacterial diarrhea in young children.

#9 – Honey Can Ease Stress And Improve Sleep

Honey bowl
Honey dripping in a bowl

A teaspoon of honey in warm milk or tea can have a soothing affect and ease stress. It also is good for improving the night’s sleep.

#10 – Honey Can Help With Headaches

Honey can help relieve headaches
Honey bee and lilac flower

Headaches can have many causes, some of them being magnesium deficiency, nutrition low in carbohydrate or taking in too little protein. If that is the case, honey can be of assistance in reducing the pain.