Disney Mind Control Programming !!!

Disney is one of the biggest snakes in the grass ever, a perfectly hidden worm slowly poisoning the minds of billions of people. Here is an example of the Judaeo-Masonic Disney programming. Movements and people covered as “family friendly” and wholesome, like the Masonic Mormons, Billy Graham, childrens programming of all kinds, music, judaeo-masonic STATE controlled education etc are the most devastating weapon satan has.

Evolution nonsense, space travel nonsense by Von Braun a former SS member(the inner elite of the Nazis were hardcore satanists and many were brought to America, Russia and South America before and after the war ended, many of them were also in America on scientific visits before as well). The 1929 Lang movie “woman in the moon” has so many things close to what we have been fed by NASA and other “space” agencies it’s indisputable these are total fantasies with an agenda. Von Braun helped on that movie and Lang later came to Hollywood. They used fake and edited video to convince Hitler to put huge amounts of money into the V-2 and other projects, it’s no different today but the audience has changed is all.

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