Etidorhpa and Symzonia Books Describing Hollow Earth in 1800’s !!!

caller talks about the old books that show underground journeys into a earth that has a civilization living in it.

The word “Etidorhpa” is the backward spelling of the name “Aphrodite.” The first editions of Etidorhpa were distributed privately; later editions of the book feature numerous fanciful illustrations by John Augustus Knapp. Eventually a popular success, the book had eighteen editions and was translated into seven languages. Etidorhpa literary clubs were founded in the United States, and some parents named their infant daughters Etidorhpa.

Symzonia: A Voyage of Discovery is a piece of fictional travel literature from 1820 of obscure authorship. Though prominent advocate for the existence of a hollow Earth, John Symmes, never published any works under his own name, it is likely that Symzonia was authored or influenced by Symmes. The account by the fictional Captain Adam Seaborn details a voyage from the United States in which Captain Seaborn leads a crew of sailors to the center of the Earth.

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