Forbidden Knowledge – Jack Otto !!!

Little did Jack or his regular listeners know that this would be Jack’s final show. Ironically, spent a good portion of this episode discussing the mysterious death of Washington based investigative journalist Danny Casolaro who died on August 10th, 1991. Casolaro had been writing a book with reems of information he had collected over many years about what he called “The Octopus”. He had appeared exuberant to most of his friends before his death, noting that he was about to “wrap up” his investigation of The Octopus.

Casolaro was trying to prove that the alleged theft of the Inslaw computer program, PROMIS, was related to the October Surprise scandal, the Iran-Contra affair and the collapse of BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) as well as CIA drug trafficing. Casolaro’s body was found at 12:30 p.m. in a blood-filled bath tub by a hotel maid who called the Martinsburg (West Virginia) police. The body contained three deep cuts on the right wrist and seven on the left wrist, made by a single edge razor blade of the type used to scrape windows or to open packages. At the bottom of the bathwater was an empty beer can, a paper glass coaster, the razor blade and two white plastic trash bags.

On the desk in the hotel room was an empty notebook with one page torn out and his alleged suicide note. There were no other papers, folders, documents of any sort, nor any briefcase found in the room. Danny’s wallet with credit cards was intact. Jack followed this up with more background info regarding Inslaw and PROMIS which was sold to the Canadian government by the Reagan-Bush administration for its computer systems which contained a backdoor, and thus were compromised. (Incidentally, this was at the time of the Free Trade negotiations with Canada, and it has been alleged that the US govt spied upon the Canadian negotiators with this software and knew their positions, demands and expectations in advance). But, as Jack explained, there was also an Israeli connection. He went on in detail, listing names of individuals, companies, governmental and criminal organizations involved in the drug trade. He named the Mossad as the prime benefactor of the illicit drug trade of the Columbian cartels.

Jack then shifted to a discussion about Prohibition and its effect on property rights in America, and how this had created black markets which paved the way to the growth of the illicit drug trade. He them tied this to the Communist agenda. Jack also discussed 9/11, Homeland Security and the so-called Patriot Act, and the historical use of false flag operations to bring about changes in domestic and foreign policy, and wars. He stated it was essential for Americans to wake up, stand up and take action to preserve the constitution and to maintain freedom. Jack mentioned JFK’s speech against secret societies. He touched on legal drugs (pharmaceuticals) and the harm they cause, such as anti-depressants. He closed by reiterating that it has been the erosion of property rights which led to the illicit drug trade and profiteering. As always Jack appealed for donations to RBN to keep the network afloat as a voice for truth and rights, and to keep it moving forward.

Only a few hours later, Jack Otto, who seemed in very goof health, was found dead in his apartment at the age of 65. As there were no obvious indications of murder, his death was not treated as such. Nonetheless, given the nature, subject matter and content of Jack’s weekly broadcasts, it was highly suspicious.

Rest in Peace Jack B. Otto: July 12th, 1942 – August 4th, 2007

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