How Alexander the Great Saved the World from the Reptilians !!!

And those his army did NOT KILL, they LOCKED UP IN UNDERGROUND PYRAMIDS. These Nephilim Monsters, such as the Cyclops, etc., were flesh-eating, blood drinking Beasts who lived off eating Human Beings. They were DEMONS Possessing these Nephilim Monsters and they had to be stopped.

The RELIGIONS of the EAST which adored DEMON-MONSTERS, half man and half animal, had to be STOPPED. And that was his MAIN AIM in CONQUERING the COUNTRIES to ‘THE EAST’ of Greece.

Races of Abominable Creatures: beasts, Nephilim, Giants, Coneheads, dog-headed people, Centaurs, Mermen, Elephant beasts, 6-handed and 6 footed people, headless people with their heads in the middle of their bodies, Cyclops, and more.

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