Nova Scotia Keith Ranville and Oak Island !!!

Keith Ranville Rosslyn Maya Connection


(Press Release) – Rosslyns new world corn, beneath the Corn a Maya ruin in the Rosslyn chapel. Rosslyn Indian New world Corn wasn’t known to Europeans yet, this is as mysterious as finding coconut husk in the Money pit

Keith Ranville ”Corn and aloe are prominent plants in the new world all but one Rosslyn plant images was imported by the European explorers to the new world. With these Rosslyn plant clues I searched for more possible clues in the meso civilizations, Mayan architectural art and block writing gave some indication that there maybe a relation in art and block writing. My Discovery of a Maya temple in the Rosslyn chapel gave futher indication of Sinclair-Maya connection. This depiction of a Maya temple in the Rosslyn church is a remarkable discovery, this gives the Sinclair new world expedition a lot more exploration credit than realized by scholars. The Rosslyn Maya temple is a significant discovery for New World history

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