OPERATION DEEP FREEZE !!! Secret U. S. Military Expedition To The South Pole Antarctica

Who knows what really happened, I doubt any of this film gives the whole or even part of it. Just remember that code words like “geographic” “ceremonial” when applied to some arbitrary south pole are to hide the fact that there is no single south magnetic pole, there are several as per the flat electromagnet which earth is. The magnetic field lines from the center, called the North Pole or where Polaris stays, return to complete the magnetic circuit around the Antarctic land mass.

Magnetic compasses DO NOT WORK near the “poles” of this flat earth and only radar triangulation is used for navigation along with celestial and sun movement. Here is a summary of what they are willing to tell us from a website by an engineer that’s been down at “pole” as he calls it for a long time:

On January 11, Rear Admiral Dufek shifted his flag from ARNEB (at Little America) to GLACIER via P2V 124466. Rear Admiral R. E. Byrd shifted his flag as Officer-in-Charge, U.S. Antarctic Programs, to WYANDOT. This same day construction of AirOpFac was begun at Hut Point.

Because of the rapidly deteriorating condition of ice at McMurdo Sound the Task Force Commander decided to terminate long-range reconnaissance operations at an early date. He accordingly scheduled three exploratory flights as a finale to long-range air operations for the season. These flights would penetrate previously unexplored regions. They were carried out as follows:

R5D 56505, LCOL Kolp, made a 14.7 hour flight which took in the Pole of Inaccessibility and returned by the South Geographical Pole. This was the first time the former pole had been viewed by man. However, its fastness holds nothing exotic – only featureless plateau whose altitude is 11,500 feet. After leaving the South Pole, the plane encountered a complete whiteout which obliged Kolp to finish the flight on instruments.

R5D 56528 piloted by CDR Ebbe and LCDR Jorda made a 14-hour flight to the heart of Antarctica at 81º-00’S, 62º-00’E. Again, the region was found to be a featureless plateau. The maximum elevation was 13,800 feet at 800-00’S, 830-00’E. This, incidentally, was the highest altitude (of featureless plateau) noted so far in the entire continent.

P2V 124466, CDR Hawkes and LCDR Torbert flew to the Weddell Sea via the South Pole in a record-making 19 hour flight. The return flight was made over Leverett Glacier. Four new mountain ranges as well as several detached peaks were discovered and photographed. These stretched between 85º S and the Weddell Sea as far as 90º W.

The flights just mentioned more than achieved the exploration objectives for DEEP FREEZE I. The time had come when the ice could no longer be trusted. In anticipation of the fly-out to New Zealand the EASTWIND was sent out to take ocean station between New Zealand and Cape Adare. A flight plan for all long range aircraft from McMurdo to Wigram was established for January 17.

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