Donald Marshall Revolution: Reptilians, Clones, Aliens, Illuminati – EBOOK

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These are the accounts of Donald Marshall, a former Illuminati insider turned internet whistleblower. We came across Donald Marshall’s online posts in late 2011, detailing his firsthand accounts with a powerful global organisation known as the Illuminati. He describes their secret involvement in such criminal acts as murder, kidnapping, torture, rape, child abuse and child exploitation. As a victim himself of the Illuminati, Marshall details his own experiences of torture, kidnapping and abuse at the hands of this large global conspiracy, reaching shocking levels of depravity. Marshall exposes many major Illuminati political players.

He also names many other world leaders, politicians and famous celebrities secretly involved. Many of Marshall’s claims can be substantiated by events catalogued by public and private organisations, such as Child Abuse Recovery, a division of Trauma Research Center, Inc. and the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.
Donald Marshall Revolution is an unofficial Book created to help spread information about critical issues of global public interest and concern.


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