The Argentine Peso, Does it Depict Hollow Earth !!!

The Argentine Peso

An Argentine peso may seem innocuous enough, but let’s peer a little deeper. First of all, we have to remember that the Nazis of WWII were obsessed with the occult, specifically with the idyllic ‘aryan’ lands of the inner world. It’s well known that the Nazis established a base in Antarctica called Neu Schwabenland. To achieve their aims in Antarctica of locating the underwater passages into Agharta, they established bases in Argentina to store provisions and provide protected shipping routes. Following their catastrophic losses in Europe, there was a mass emigration of Nazi officials from Europe to safer shores and already established strongholds in countries such as Argentina. It would be naive to think that their influence in Argentina, even to this day, would go unnoticed.

With this background, let’s look closer at the design on the back of the Argentinian peso. First of all it is bicolored. The silver border is surrounding a warmer gold color center where the central sun is shown. In the silver border you find the olive wreath, open at the top and bottom of the border. We’ll say this represents the flora of the crust while the sun with the face obviously stands for the inner sun in the central hollow. You may take it even one step further and interpret the sun’s face on the peso as an intelligent presence … an ever watchful eye.

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