The Reptilians – More than a Conspiracy Theory ?

We know, we know. This is where many draw the line. Reptilians are a controversial subject. We will now search the Legends of lizard people, statues depicting strange creatures and underground caves said to be home to serpent gods. Throughout history, there have been stories of beings half-human, half-reptile. Could they be more than mere fantasy?

Could the accounts of the Reptilians be more than just the product of overactive imaginations? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and as evidence they point to the legends of serpent gods that can be found throughout the world. In South America, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan they’re always referenced as serpent gods. Even in Japan or ancient China we have these dragon emperors and dragon gods. One can find these stories of serpent gods all around the world.

In addition to myths and legends passed down through oral history, early written texts also speak of serpent beings that were once present on Earth. The Bible speaks of a reptilian race the Seraphim we read about them in the Book of Isaiah. Some will interpret them as being the fiery ones, but the correct understanding is reptilian.

The book of Genesis has a story about a serpent who tempts Eve, the first woman, by offering her the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. It is understood, in ancient legend, that prior to God punishing the serpent, the serpent was completely humanoid in character. And that this serpent was only one of a race of reptilian beings who served God.

Throughout the Mediterranean and the Near East, there is a very strong belief linking snakes, skinks, lizards and other reptiles to supernatural or magical creatures and in some cases, to the souls of ancestors. In the Koran there’s a fascinating category of creatures known as the djinn. They were here before humans.

They’re a category unto themselves, not unlike angels. And at one point Iblis, the leader of the djinn, offended God, crossed him, was rebellious and was cursed like the serpents in the Garden of Eden and became earthbound, trapped on Earth for eternity and they are here with us.

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