UFO Cylinders, Extraterrestrials, Hollow Moon, Hollow Earth, and Venus !!!

Mike D., breaks down part the official NASA / Soviet photographs of Rod UFOs on Earth’s Moon, Mars and Mars’ Moons, the Sun, and Saturn. We will be discussing the concept of ‘UFOs’, ‘Aliens’, and ‘Extraterrestrials’, their true meanings and not what we assume because of conditioning through popular culture. We will also examine whether the desensitization of the populace to believe in ‘Aliens’ is about preparing them for a ‘false-flag-alien’ invasion or to prepare them for ‘true’ eventual contact. Ryan’s theory of the ‘sailing stones’ will also be revisited and Mike D. will bring about new info on the planet Venus. Ryan will also discuss the concepts and facts behind a Hollow Moon and present the theory that the Earth is also hollow based on similar auditory evidence on Earth that has been gathered when the Moon gets close to the Earth and a loud creaking sound is heard. This noise that is heard all-over Earth is like that of a ship creaking; and perhaps if intelligences much greater than our own have the know-how to build ships (UFO Rods) the size of planets, they also have the technological and engineering know-how to construct artificial planets such as the Moon and Earth. Ryan will also discuss with Mike D. and Ira Robinson (PT3) anomalies about the Sun and Moon; and Moon rocks including evidence that the Moon is much older than the Solar System.

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